Broadway and Grand - Spruce Grove

11 Dishes You Should Taste On Your Next Visit To The Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Dining

Food is everything. Capable of turning a night out from meh to extraordinary, there’s nothing a great dish can’t do and thankfully, the Tri-Region is home to plenty of sizzling hot spots for your taste buds. From local favourites to new loves, here are some dishes we recommend you try in the Tri-Region. 1. Handmade Blueberry Perogies from The Loft …

Autumn in the Tri-Region

Your Tri-Region Guide to Fall Hiking

Tri Region Tourism Outdoor Adventures

Fall fans rejoice; the colours have begun their change! Watching the Alberta weather cool while the leaves fall is serene; it’s one of the best things about the changing of seasons. If you’re looking to experience more of that over the coming months, we suggest taking to the trails! The Tri-Region is home to some great trail systems and parks …

Your Tri-Region Guide To The Edmonton Corn Maze’s Garden Valley Farmers’ Market

Tri Region Tourism Day Trip Ideas, Farmers Markets, Itinerary

Every year brings new changes to the Edmonton Corn Maze. Over the last eighteen years, this confusing construction of corn has grown into a beloved local institution where people eagerly await each jaw-dropping design, excited at the thought of getting lost within its stalks. In past years, the maze has been transformed to pay homage to video games, sports heroes, …

Stony Plain Golf Course

Getting to Know the Stony Plain Golf Course

Tri Region Tourism Golf Course

One of the feature holes at Stony Plain Golf Course is the fourteenth. The par 3 is parallel to the railway tracks and requires golfers to hit over water. As an added challenge, imagine trying to nail a shot while a train come roaring by. According to Robb James, head golf professional at the Stony Plain Golf Course, the challenge …

Camping in the Tri-Region

Your Tri-Region Weekend Camping Guide

Tri Region Tourism RV Parks & Campgrounds

Living in Alberta, you likely make the most of your precious summer weekends. With that said, you don’t want to spend too much time finding and then driving to the perfect camping spot. Just west of Edmonton, the Tri-Region has a plethora of camping locations so you can maximize your relaxation time. With most of these spots being less than …

Muir Lake

Your 2018 Tri-Region Fishing Guide

Tri Region Tourism Fishing

We’ll let you in on a secret – you can find non-stop adventure in the lakes and rivers in the Tri-Region. There are many bodies of water coursing throughout the area and it’s time you explore them all this summer. With the help of a few fishing guides, we’ll give you the scoop on places for a lazy day out …

Ninth Green Grouse Nest Family Golf

Golf in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Day Trip Ideas, Golf Course

A good walk: Golf in the countryside Golf is a great excuse to take a nice walk. Our country roads are lined with great stops and it just so happens these stops have immaculately manicured grounds and swans, a place to stop for burgers and chocolate mousse on your way back to the car and carts with GPS. In case …

Stony Plain BMX

Your Tri-Region Guide to Summer Adventure

Tri Region Tourism Seasonal Ideas

As the sun continues to shine, you might be feeling the urge to plan out your summer adventures. We’re here to help – we’ve put together a list of summertime adventures just west of Edmonton in the Tri-Region. From fishing to public art to food, there’s an adventure waiting for all interests and moods. Here’s hoping your summer is full …

The Tri-Region Guide to the U of A Botanic Garden

Tri Region Tourism Day Trip Ideas

Picture this: your little guy stands very, very still with a proud smile and a big blue butterfly perched on his finger. Good thing you remembered your camera because this priceless moment is just one of many you’ll enjoy at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden. For family together time (with lots of space to run), a special occasion or …

University of Alberta Botanic Garden

Mother’s Day in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Day Trip Ideas

Be her chauffeur for a change Your Mom is fabulous. When you were a kid, she always made your favourite peanut butter cookies (even though she likes oatmeal raisin), did all your laundry until you were 16, and still knows just what to say to make you feel better. You owe her big. This year, thank her for everything she …

#ExploreParkland Passport: The Best Way to a Successful Staycation

Tri Region Tourism Day Trip Ideas

Trying to avoid the stress of travel but still want to do something fun this summer? Take advantage of the #ExploreParkland Passport and have a blast on your ‘staycation’! The Travel Local Passport is your guide to creating your own adventure while checking out some of the amazing local businesses within Parkland County. There is something for everyone with over …

Wabamun Lake - Tri-Region

3 Ways to Take a Summer Trip in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Day Trip Ideas

The sun is shining and your itching to get out and enjoy the summertime weather, which means your in deep summer planning mode. Well nature-nut, here are three excellent summer daytrips in the Tri-Region that will get you up close and personal with Mother Nature herself. Take a leisurely hike through some beautiful wildflowers, spend some time in the water …

Tri-Region - Market Guide

Your 2018 Tri-Region Market Guide

Tri Region Tourism Shopping

As the weather begins to get warmer, your mind might be dreaming of glorious sunshine-filled days – and that means it’s time to start your summertime planning! Summer is for the outdoors and there’s nothing more Albertan than spending your weekend mornings checking out the latest wares at a farmers’ market. Here’s an overview of some of the farmers’ markets …

Museum Week

Angela Fetch Muzyka Cultural Experiences, Day Trip Ideas, Dining, Farmers Markets

  As we head into Museum Week April 23-29, 2018 we made you a list of museums with charm you need to visit in the Tri-Region area.  Our five local museums will take you back to the past with historic sites, artifacts, archives, and hands on experiences.  Several of our museums have food, markets and exciting year round events.  Find …

Tri-Region Festivals

Your 2018 Tri-Region Festival Guide

Tri Region Tourism Events

We’re fast approaching festival season and you know what that means: an exciting summer is almost upon us in the Tri-Region. Are you ready for great food, awesome times and most importantly, fantastic weather? Without further ado, here’s our guide to 2018 summer festivals just west of Edmonton, in the Tri-Region! Life & Leisure Family Expo (May 12, 2018) A …

Stony Plain Fire Works

3 Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve 2017 in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Events

The countdown is on! If you’re still looking for ways to ring in the new year – we’ve got you covered. Here’s the lowdown on all the happening New Years’ Eve parties and events you should know about. Spruce Grove The Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour rolls into town December 30th – 31st. It’s a two-day hockey extravaganza of a weekend …

Dara's - Tri-Region Tourism

11 Shopping Spots in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Shopping

The Tri-Region is dotted with plenty of shopping spots filled with eclectic items you won’t find online or in big chains, making any shopping wish-list less of a dream and more of a reality. Here’s a list of just some of the shops and boutiques in the Tri-Region waiting to help you out for your post-Christmas shopping needs. The Barn …

Outdoor rinks in the Tri-Region

Where to Play and Watch Hockey in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Outdoor Adventures

Winter is great for two reasons: snow and hockey. When else can we appreciate impromptu rounds of shinny on frozen ponds? Hockey means skating, camaraderie and the promise of hot chocolate waiting after a lengthy skate. It means having something to do in the long, dark chilly nights. When it comes to figuring out just what to do and where …

Stony Plain Outdoor Piano

Ways to take in Public Art around the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Cultural Experiences

If you want to know just how vibrant and engaged a community is, oftentimes the first place to watch tends to be their art scene. The Tri-Region’s love for public art is vibrant and thriving. Here’s a look at some fantastic examples of places in the Tri-Region where you can check out some great public art. Allied Arts Council of …

Porta Romana Spruce Grove

10 Tri-Region Food Destinations You Need To Try

Tri Region Tourism Dining

We’re pretty lucky to live in Alberta, home to a vast culinary scene thankfully not limited to big metropolitan regions. The Tri-Region is home to plenty of great spots, both new and old, that longtime residents can swear by and daytrippers from Edmonton are sure to enjoy. Here’s a closer look at ten great restaurants and eateries that we’re proud …

5 Cross-Country Skiing Spots Just West Of Edmonton

Tri Region Tourism Outdoor Adventures

Winter finds most of the Tri-Region transformed into a snow-covered wonderland, a massive parkland absolutely perfect for the outdoor explorer. If you’re looking to find more ways to go adventuring out in the country, we’ve got you covered. There’s plenty of locations in Parkland County, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain that are a godsend for cross-country skiers, regardless of your …

Legacy Street - Stony Plain and Pioneer Museum

4 ways to discover heritage in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Cultural Experiences

Hey history fanatics! If you’re in need of a new museum fix, you should consider the Tri-Region for a dose of some education. A lot of the museums in the Tri-Region emphasize the hands-on experience; learning in non-stuffy environments – meaning lots of reasons for a daytrip. So let’s talk museums – which ones in the Tri-Region should you visit? …

Tri-Region Geocaching

4 Tri-Region Geocaches That Edmontonians Will Love To Explore

Tri Region Tourism Outdoor Adventures

Geocaching is one of life’s simple joys. It’s easy for all ages to enjoy, doesn’t cost a lot and taps into your inner adventurer spirit. It’s also a fantastic excuse for some exercise and let’s you learn about and explore new areas. Parkland County’s Explore Parkland County GeoTour will takes you to some unspoiled natural spots and explain the local stories …

Tri Region Summertime

Summer 2017: As Seen By Tri-Region Instagram Photos

Tri Region Tourism Outdoor Adventures

During the last month of summer we wanted to take a peek and see what your summer adventures looked like in the Tri-Region. So, we put our Instagram exploring caps on and tracked down our top 14 favourite photos of the Tri-Region, taken by you! 1. Sailing Sunsets at Seba Beach Two great sunsets in a row! Found a natural …

Kiwi Nurseries

Kiwi Nurseries Tour

Tri Region Tourism Events

The Tri-Region has so many engaging experiences that it can be hard to decide on your next adventure.  Sometimes keeping up to date with calendar events, like Alberta Open Farm Days, makes the decision-making process easier. Alberta Open Farm Days is an event held on the third week of August that concentrates on farming and ranching. It encourages urban and rural neighbours …

3 ways to celebrate Alberta Open Farm Days in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Events

For five years, Open Farm Days has served as an invitation for Albertans to discover more about the world around the farms that dot the provincial landscape and experience the ecosystem that sustains it all. Farmers, chefs and producers alike open up their doors like the Wizard and the curtain behind Oz; imagine the biggest backstage pass/open house and that’s …

Tri-Region Dog Parks

Four-legged fun in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Day Trip Ideas

Some days call for an adventure and quality time with the ones we love. May that be your family, children, friends, or a combination of all three, it’s important to set aside time for those who mean the most to us. For many people, this includes spending some much-deserved quality time with a special friend, family member and child all …

University of Alberta Botanic Garden

Edmonton: Get to Know Your Next-Door Nature

Tri Region Tourism Outdoor Adventures

Calling all nature lovers! Do you dream of open meadows, and green pine forests? Does your ideal day consist of seeing wild animals and flying birds? Breathe in a breath of fresh air, in one of the natural treasures that rest within the Tri-Region. Explore the wonders of the wilderness that flourish just minutes outside of Edmonton. Take a peek …