Shop for local art in Stony Plain

Tri Region Tourism Day Trip Ideas, Shopping

Stony Plain is small town with a lot of character just about 35 minutes west of Edmonton. Walk the charming historic main street (50 St right around 50 Ave) and you’ll find lots of cool independent shops.

You can spend a really nice day browsing around for locally made art and everything you need to make something yourself. I guess goodies made by you right in your living room is about as local as it gets.

Make it

Now that the white stuff’s all over, you remember why thick cuddly mitts, hats and scarves are so important. Take one of the evening knitting classes at Pam’s Woolly Shop to learn some basic stitches and explore the shop with your instructor talking about needle gauge and yarn weight. Then create your own woolly wear out of a huge range of yarns – everything from super chunky neon to superfine colour-changers.

Stroll just a couple of blocks over to Busy B Workshop for paper tole classes – where you cut and raise parts of an image to add depth and dimension. Enroll in Barb’s beginner course and get three classes and all the gear to make an intricate 3D floral design. She has classes practically every day and they run year round.

The Urban Homesteading Store can help you make, bake and grow almost anything right in your own homestead. Take an artisan bread baking or soap making class. Buy the gear and ingredients to make your own cheese, yogurt and freshly ground flour. Learn traditional skills like how to save seeds, grow veggies and microgreens, and preserve it all for the winter.

Made local for you

On your tour of downtown Stony, you’ll also discover a whole bunch of artists that make it for you. You’ll meet jeweller Darryl Darby at Darlin Jewellers where he designs, makes and sells Ammolite pieces. Linger over his collection of shimmering multi-coloured prehistoric gems – the rarest gem in the world – that he shapes and sets by hand into elegant gold designs.

Pop into Gypsy Chicks to pick up something magical like an enchanted fairy garden by Maureen – made right in Stony – and one of these spookily adorable drawings by Edmonton artist Sandra Macdougall.

The Crooked Pot Gallery sells pottery and clay art by more than 30 local artisans – all of them members of the Parkland Potter’s Guild and many of them working right out of the studio in the back. The guild also runs adult, teen and kids classes twice a year – with a new session starting in Jan.

Daytrip tip: Stop for pie and really good coffee at the Multicultural Heritage Centre – it’s a few blocks out of downtown, but the pie is definitely worth the extra steps. Plus the general store has locally made crafts and old fashioned candy that every Grandma’s purse should stash.