Skydive Eden North

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    Feel the rush at Skydive Eden North!


    SKYDIVE, complete a 30 minute briefing and lets get into the air; you and your instructor will take to the skies. Our jump ship carries you to exit altitude, the door opens and you will launch yourselves into the sky reaching freefall speeds of 200 km/h during an adrenaline-packed freefall. Now that’s not just another day at the office.


    It’s not just a ride. You will take a five hour course teaching you the survival skills required to make a skydive.You will gear up and board our Cessna 182 along with your jump master, then ascend to an altitude of 3,500 feet. Take a breath and climb out onto the wing strut of the airplane. Once out there, you will smile, let go, balance your body and fly off the wing. Your parachute will be deployed by your jump master. You check your parachute to confirm its flight ability and you are on your way. Three to five minutes to guide yourself back to the target. It is all about you. Now you are ready for the Advanced Free Fall program.

    Eden is the Skydiver’s Paradise!