Unleash your inner stuntman

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Parachuting, paintball and archery

This is a Father’s Day story for the coolest dads ever: Stuntman Dads. These are the guys that are gifted with a bow and arrow, make you call them Sarge at paintball and jump out of planes to glide gently back down to earth with the grace of an eagle. Here are three ways to thrill your daredevil dad in the Tri-region west of Edmonton.

Image from Skydive Eden North on Facebook.

Try archery in the forest

Come to a Parkland Bowbenders shooting night and try out a bow on big and small 3D targets across the club’s 80 wooded acres. Or come to the club’s annual sport archery tournament on June 21 & 22. Shooters who have been practicing hard will have a final chance to qualify for the finals in Drayton Valley in July. Families can compete together, shoot the tube to win a 2014 Polaris Ranger quad and have BBQ picnic on a beautiful day.

Go commando at paintball

Your team is a band of hooligans and they’re all that’s standing between you and certain death by assassination. But nevermind, just follow dad, er, Sarge – and maybe slap on a little more facepaint. The Tri-region has three places to go crazy in the woods with paint.

Young Guns in Spruce Grove has 17 different fields to play around on including a Wild West town, graveyard, junkyard and a jungle. They are also offering 2 for 1 rentals on Father’s Day and have a big big game planned for July 6.

Blindgunner in Wabamun has six ranges, a BBQ and fire pit area for picnics and is a great site for birthdays, stags and youth groups. Or go wild in the woods at Tactical Anarchy – 45 mins W of Edmonton, just off Hwy 627. You and your tactical unit will fulfill your mission on six different courses or in 30 acres of untouched forest.

Jump out of a plane, you crazy nut

This is a cross it off your bucket list type activity. You’ve probably been dreaming of this day for a long time before you finally enroll at Eden North Parachute School.

You and Stuntman Dad will fly up to 12,500 ft – about 3 km above the hard ground – and bravely jump out of a plane. You’ll freefall at a whopping 200 km per hour for a heart-pounding 60 seconds until your parachute opens and you glide on eagle’s wings down to a graceful landing.

If it’s your first jump, you can go tandem with an expert instructor or fly solo from 3,500 ft. Either way, you are in for one wild ride. Have fun!