Outdoor rinks in the Tri-Region

Where to Play and Watch Hockey in the Tri-Region

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Winter is great for two reasons: snow and hockey. When else can we appreciate impromptu rounds of shinny on frozen ponds? Hockey means skating, camaraderie and the promise of hot chocolate waiting after a lengthy skate. It means having something to do in the long, dark chilly nights. When it comes to figuring out just what to do and where to find it, we’ve got you covered. For all hockey enthusiasts: here’s a lowdown on everything hockey-related in the Tri-Region. Keep your stick on the ice!

Spruce Grove –  Outdoor Rinks

Looking for a place to practice your skating technique or shoot some pucks in a net? Spruce Grove is outfitted with plenty of skating choices; there’s three outdoor skating rinks, two ovals and two leisure ice surfaces. All of these outdoor spots are free to use anytime and are open until the end of February. The rinks (Aspenglen, Brookwood and Lakewood) are outfitted with hockey boards, making them perfect for impromptu games. The status of Spruce Grove’s outdoor skating surfaces can be checked online if you’re looking to see which spots happen to be open!

Stony Plain –  Outdoor Rinks

Stony Plain is also home to four outdoor rinks free of use in the winter and sporting heated change rooms. The rinks are available for public skating, shinny and hockey and are also available to rent! This means that big winter tournament you always wanted to do? It’s on.

Parkland County –  Outdoor Rinks

Meanwhile, Parkland County has several community leagues with outdoor skating rinks dotted throughout the area. Brightbank Hall, Clymont Community Hall, Keephills Hall and Westland Park Community League are all outfitted with hockey rinks open in the winter season. Call ahead if you’re ever unsure or check the Parkland County site for any updates.

Catch a game in the Tri-Region

If you’re looking to watch some games, there’s plenty to take in. Some of the bigger arenas such as Agrena – home to both the Grant Fuhr Arena and Stu Barnes Arena, the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre and the Glenn Hall Centennial Arena host plenty of tournaments and league play. The Tri-Region is home to plenty of hockey teams – including the Spruce Grove Saints (AJHL Jr. A), the Spruce Grove Regals (CJHL Jr. B), the Stony Plain Flyers (CJHL Jr. B), and the Stony Plain Eagles (ACHWL – Senior Men’s AAA). These leagues and teams see plenty of action in and around the Tri-Region, perfect for hockey fans looking to catch a game.

There’s plenty of hockey-related fun to get up to in the Tri-Region! As always, remember to check the status of rinks you’re planning to visit.