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Mommy Meet-Up

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Moms, is it time to get your other mom friends together and head out for a day of fun and exploration?  I bet it is!  Sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas, though.  But never fear, we have got you covered.  Here are some local ideas to consider when planning your next mommy meet-up.

Replace the mood swings with real swings.

We have lots of great parks in the region, but here are a couple to check out.

Central Park

Where:  Spruce Grove, AB
When:  6 am – 11 pm daily
Cost:  Free

Bring your kids out to Central Park for a day of fun.  Mommy’s can relax and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi to read a book while the kids keep cool in the splash pad.  Plan to spend a whole day and plan a night of s ’mores and campfire stories around the community fire pit.  Bring your own snacks or treat the kids to something from the Lions Log Cabin Concession.

Jubilee Park

Where:  Spruce Grove, AB
When: All day, every day.
Cost:  Free

Plan a get-together over lunch with all your fellow moms.  The kids will love playing on the play structure, exploring the various trails, and chowing down on whatever you make for lunch using the community charcoal BBQ’s (don’t forget to bring charcoal!).  Spend the day in the sun or rest under the picnic shelter while the kids tire themselves out.

Get closer to nature.

Why not get out and spend the day hiking some of our local trails?  Explore with your kids and teach them all about the beauty of nature.

Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area

Where:  North of Stony Plain, AB
When:  Whenever you want.
Cost:  Free

Head out and discover Chickakoo Lake – all 480-acres of it!  There are over 14 kilometres of scenic trails that will bring you up close and personal with wildlife.  Walk, hike, or even bike around and see what kind of animals you can find.  You can even make a game of it – scavenger hunt anyone?  Not sure you want to wander off on your own?  Try one of the interpretive tours instead!

Run Forrest, run!

Kids of all ages will love the chance to get out and stretch (and see who runs the fastest out of all their friends!).

Whispering Waters Park

Where:  Stony Plain, AB
When: 24/7
Cost: Free

Take advantage of this beautiful park, perfect for BBQ’s, family outings, or just to relax.  Located close to the Skate Park and BMX park, you’re sure to find something for each one of your kids to enjoy.  Pick your favourite picnic area from all the individual areas, hang out under the group shelter, and more.  Let your kids run free in the playground area while you have a much-needed catch-up with the girls!