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The Tri-Region: Edmonton’s Ice Fishing Hotspot

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Ice fishing is all about good times while angling in the winter months, but where are the best spots to ice fish near Edmonton? Bundle up, grab your ice fishing gear, as well as your auger and let’s explore the best places around Edmonton to ice fish…

The Best Places Near Edmonton to Ice Fish

Ice Fishing at Wabamun Lake

If you’re looking for whitefish, walleye or perch Wabamun Lake might just be your next favourite location. Wabamun Lake, which is just under an hour outside of Edmonton, is not only a great location for summer time activities but also serves as a great place to drop your line and get some ice fishing done. The lake sees an average of about 16 inches of ice coverage across the lake which serves as a nice sturdy foundation to an afternoon of line dropping. Remember though, Wabamun lake is catch and release, so make sure you put all those fish you catch back.

Check out the iFishAlberta forum on the lake and see what those who fish it regularly are saying about area – I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Ice Fishing at Jackfish Lake

Just under an hour outside of Edmonton, Jackfish Lake in Parkland County is the perfect spot for a little afterwork ice fishing. With no parking fee during the late fall and winter months Jackfish Lake is a prime location to drop a line with your jigging rod and wait for those walleye and yellow perch to bite. There’s plenty of room on the frozen lake for shanties and tents to be set and the ice is generally 10 -12 inches thick. With Jackfish Lake being just short drive from Edmonton there’s no excuse not to get out and angle a couple.

Ice Fishing at Lake Isle

Lake Isle is a catch and release lake so if you’re in for the sport of ice fishing than this might be an excursion for you. Just over an hour’s drive outside of Edmonton, Lake Isle is a great destination for ice fishing. Reports confirm that there’s plenty of northern pike to be caught during the winter months with the occasional walleye to be found. Check out HeHoHa Island for pike fishing but remember to return all caught fish to the lake and keep up with the information and regulations. Don’t miss out on one of the best places to ice fish around Edmonton this winter.

Ice Fishing at Hasse Lake

If trout is your game, Hasse Lake is your spot. With your fishing license ice fishers can take home up to 5 trout, that includes rainbow trout as well, and up to 15 yellow perch – but you have to catch them first. Ice reports show that Hasse Lake hits anywhere between 7 inches and 12 inches of ice throughout the winter but make sure to test before you drive your truck out there. The lake is open for ice fishing and winter use with parks staff also laying cross country skiing trails if that’s also your thing.

Ice Fishing at Spring Lake

There’s a lot of trout to be caught out in the Tri-Region this winter and Spring Lake is another popular spot to get on the ice and try your luck ice fishing. Ice reports say during the winter months the ice can be upwards of 14 inches thick, which is nice if you’d rather drive out there and set up your rig. Catch limits sit at 5 trout with a license but check out the Alberta Fishing Guide for updates and the forums for the latest hotspots and ice reports.

Ice fishing is a great winter pastime that can be quite rewarding in not only the sport of fishing but also its solitude. There are a number of places to ice fish around Edmonton and we’re happy to have them in the Tri-Region. Check out a couple of the ice fishing lakes around Edmonton and in the Tri-Region this winter and see how many fish you can catch!