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11 Dishes You Should Taste On Your Next Visit To The Tri-Region

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Food is everything. Capable of turning a night out from meh to extraordinary, there’s nothing a great dish can’t do and thankfully, the Tri-Region is home to plenty of sizzling hot spots for your taste buds. From local favourites to new loves, here are some dishes we recommend you try in the Tri-Region.

1. Handmade Blueberry Perogies from The Loft at Sandyview Farms

The Loft is all about blending fresh farm food with a breakfast and lunch atmosphere and their old-school homemade blueberry perogies, pan-fried and served with fresh whipped cream, are exactly what the doctor called for. If you’re looking to start your day on a great note, breakfast at the Loft is your salvation.

2. Spaghetti Alla Carbonara from Porta Romana

Authentic Italian fare is dished out with love and care at this Spruce Grove restaurant. You would be remiss not to sample their signature pasta dishes, made with locally sourced produce and meats, and delicious to boot!


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Made with love and the freshest ingredients

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3. Salt n Pepper Dry Ribs from 9 Iron Grill

Head to Pineridge Golf Resort’s 9 Iron Grill for some seriously delicious dry ribs. When it comes to dry ribs, you can either go big or go home so our suggestion is you go big at the 9 Iron Grill.

4. Gourmet Burger, Fries and a Milkshake from Jack’s Drive-In

Dates will never be the same after you experience this throwback drive-in style restaurant. The spirit of the ’50s is alive in their milkshakes, ice cream sundaes, sandwiches and burgers.


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5. Lamb Souvlaki from Something Else

This family-operated restaurant, curated by Chef Louie Balomenos, is home to the best game in town for Greek cuisine. Their souvlaki, skewered and marinated with fresh herbs, and served on rice with grilled-to-perfection pita, is street food done right.

6. Cherry-Filled Black Forest Cupcake from Broadway & Grand

Broadway & Grand offers locally-roasted Black Rifle Coffee alongside a wide range of regional craft beers but the real winners happen to be their homemade pies and cupcakes. Step in for a quick cafe break and prepare to have your taste buds changed forever.

7. Cup of Americano from Perks Coffee House

A strong cup of joe is essential for a good day and Perks’ – the little shop that could – stands out as a coffee haven in the Tri-Region. It certainly helps the coffee is brewed well and served speedily, giving you more time to fully enjoy your midday break or java rendezvous.


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8. Lobster Bisque from the Stony Plain Pie Shoppe

There’s nothing better than home-cooked food and while the Shoppe, preparing everything using locally sourced ingredients, has an aptitude and a taste for pies, it’s their creamy lobster bisque you’ll be craving.

9. Grilled Cheese from Mo Jo Garden Center

In Parkland County, you can find a garden centre that’s able to cater to any of your gardening needs and is also home to a kitchen dishing out some of the coolest food. Their take on grilled cheese is the kind of sandwich meant to be dipped into a cozy soup after a shopping voyage. If you’re feeling adventurous after, we suggest trying a Mojo Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza for size.

10. Mediterranean Chicken from Last Spike Grill

This tasty chicken dish gets a hefty upgrade thanks to the culinary team at the Last Spike Grill, wise enough to cook it in lemon herbs and serve it with tomato, mixed peppers, onions, feta cheese, fresh spinach and homemade salsa. Zesty and irresistible!

11. Butter Chicken from Butter Chicken Hut

Let’s face it – we can’t mention this Indian/Pakistani restaurant and ignore their signature dish. The butter chicken is their staple, a savoury delightful dish; Make sure to peer through their main courses to fall in love with their delectable Palak Paneer, cooked with homemade cottage cheese and topped off with spices.

Featured Image: Broadway & Grand