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10 Tri-Region Food Destinations You Need To Try

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We’re pretty lucky to live in Alberta, home to a vast culinary scene thankfully not limited to big metropolitan regions. The Tri-Region is home to plenty of great spots, both new and old, that longtime residents can swear by and daytrippers from Edmonton are sure to enjoy. Here’s a closer look at ten great restaurants and eateries that we’re proud to claim as our own.

Stony Plain

Sugar Leaf Bakery

A family-operated business that puts the sweet in sweet tooth. Their cakes, baked fresh each morning, have plenty of kitsch charm but be prepared – you’ll be biting into delicious that’s sure to meet every bar of quality. Also their fantastic Instagram is sure to give you cake envy.

Butter Chicken Hut

A reliable linchpin for fans of halal Indian & Pakistani food, this oasis in Stony Plain is quite a quality place, with large portions and plenty of options for vegans/vegetarian fans. Also take note at their buffet takeout a.k.a your best bet at acquiring enough food to last you several days at least!


A new addition to Stony, this established stalwart means two things for local residents; namely, you’ll never have to venture far for casual drinks and you’ve got more quality food to impress your friends and family with at outings.

Blake’s Bakery

A local, independent family bakery obsessed with fresh buns besides offering a well curated collection of great baked goods. We can definitely relate!

Parkland County

9 Iron Grill & Patio

Nestled in the Pineridge Golf Resort, this is a hidden gem specialized at doing comfort food the right way. Fancy a slow roasted smoked beef brisket? Or a cheddar chicken bacon burger? Or maybe you’re in the mood for some fantastic eggs benny? If you’re in need of the perfect Sunday brunch, look no further – a quick round of golf pairs nicely with a smattering of greens, waffles and scalloped potatoes!

Last Spike Grill

Another restaurant coupled with a golf resort (in this case, it’s Parkland County’s Trestle Creek), the Last Spike Grill benefits from fantastic vantage points and a top-notch team with equally seasonal menus. Plus, they’ve got a Classic Breakfast combo every day of the week for $6.99. When was the last time you had quality eggs, hashbrowns and the full works for a price like that?

Yellow Submarine

Great things come in small packages. The Yellow Submarine is no exception, known for delivering fantastic sandwiches, pizzas, ice cream and donairs with a charming small-town vibe. The Yellow Submarine is practically a required summer visit if you’re looking for some quick grub to accompany you on a day in Wabamun.

Spruce Grove

Porta Romana

The little restaurant that could. Picture authentic Italian vibes with a casual family-friendly environment and you’d get Spruce’s very own Porta Romana, a capable vessel for customers about to embark upon a culinary experience through Italy with none of the pretension.

The Loft Restaurant

For those seeking adventure west of Edmonton, the Loft is where it all begins. Champions of breakfast whether it involves dishing out blueberry perogies or traditional breakfast, the key is to head early to beat the rush. The quality of their cut bacon found on their hungryman breakfast is worth the early rise.

Jack’s Drive In

It’s a classic for a reason: 50 years of operation and still outstanding quality combined with excellent service. That’s a better batting average than most! Sometimes you got to just throw out every notion of fine dining and just go for a great burger, shake and fries so you may as well head to the locally famous Jack’s.

Feature image courtesy of Porta Romana.