Sweets for your sweetie

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In our family of brunchers, warm fresh baking is just about the best, most loving gift there is. This love month, bring your valentine a gooey melty warm cinnamon bun and see if I’m right. Here are some sweet little treats in the tri-region just west of Edmonton.

Love and pie-switching

First, let me offer this tribute to my darling love: one of the most terrific things about him is that he is always willing to switch pie with me. If I get banana cream and he gets cinnamon apple and halfway through I am overcome with envy – he will always happily switch. This is just one of his many excellent qualities, but it means I have tried twice as many pies as I could have without him.
True love indeed.

Pie squared in Stony

When I think of pie, I think of the glass case at the Homesteader’s Kitchen at Stony Plain’s Multicultural Heritage Centre filled with a dozen different kinds. Their pumpkin is spicy and creamy. The pecan is gooey and sweet. And the strawberry-rhubarb is perfectly tart. I know all this because I have switched pie here many times and so have tried practically all of them.

If you are making a day of it, take an easy walk through Stony’s historic downtown and double up on of the big slices of home-made apple, blueberry, cherry or raisin pie at Bing’s #1 – with ice cream, thank you very much.

Brunch for brunchers

I have it on very good authority – from my sweetheart of a mother – that Sam’s on Macleod in Spruce Grove is the place for big fresh warm muffins with fruit and streusel topping. They also have scratch-made soups, sandwiches, quiche and always lots of fresh baking. And on very special days (watch their Facebook updates) the stars will align just right and they’ll also have cinnamon buns and coconut cream pie.