Edmonton Corn Maze – Itinerary

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A fall afternoon in the country

Warm fall colours, crisp country air, a good run through the corn maze, roasting hot dogs over a fire – and I’m just thinking out loud here – maybe pumpkin pie for dessert? Your afternoon picnic in the country is just a 30 min drive from city centre at the Edmonton Corn Maze in Parkland County.

Lose your way in the Corn Maze

The corn maze itself covers 15 acres with 85 decision points and corn that grows over 10 feet tall. The maze will probably take you one to one-and-a-half hours – unless you have some special gift that means you cannot be stumped by even the most deviously designed mazes. Maybe you do and that is very cool. But if you are a regular schmo, you can always answer the trivia questions along the way, watch carefully for the ten posts that will point you the right way or ask a friendly corn cop for help. Your smartphone can help you navigate the maze too.

Spend all afternoon

After escaping the maze – you’ll probably want ice cream – and then after that you can explore the farm. See how high you can jump on the giant jumping pillow, meet the goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and a calf, ride pedal carts or climb aboard the corn train for kids (the train is $2 per ride on top of admission).

Book a campfire site

Bring a picnic and stake out a free picnic table or reserve a campfire site. Then roast wieners and marshmallows and make s’mores. And I know I suggested pumpkin pie already – but I think it’s a really good idea. They also have a concession with snacks and drinks.

Halloween for teens

Like bring scared? Come after dark and run the maze with a flashlight. Like being really really scared? Visit during the Farm of Fear events where actors and props will be trying their best to scare the skinny jeans off you. This year, Farm of Fear runs Oct 23–26 and Oct 29 – Nov 1. These nights are very frightening and recommended for brave kids 13 and older.

Share the fun

Share your outing on Instagram using #yegmaze. The maze is open for regular visits until Oct 17 and then Farm of Fear runs until Halloween.