Wabamun Lake - Tri-Region

3 Ways to Take a Summer Trip in the Tri-Region

Tri Region Tourism Day Trip Ideas

The sun is shining and your itching to get out and enjoy the summertime weather, which means your in deep summer planning mode. Well nature-nut, here are three excellent summer daytrips in the Tri-Region that will get you up close and personal with Mother Nature herself. Take a leisurely hike through some beautiful wildflowers, spend some time in the water looking for the best fishing spots and top it off at a farm harvesting fresh picked goods. You couldn’t have it any better!

Take a fishing rod

You get up bright and early and drive down to Wabamun Lake. Just an hour west of Edmonton, you can drive down to one of the best fishing spots in the province for a great day of lake catch and release. You might catch some walleye, yellow perch, lake whitefish or northern pike if you’re lucky. All you need to remember is sunscreen, a fishing license, a really big coffee and a bit of a lunch if you’re hungry!

Take a long hike in some foliage

Drive out to Wagner Natural Area for an orchid walk like none other. The natural area is located in Parkland County, a provincially protected natural area with marl ponds, fens and a boreal forest trail playing home to a diverse set of wild plant life. Wild orchids are best to see in the summertime, so this is the best time to visit the fen. It’s a walk sure to take your breath away – and then some!

Take a pick … a u-pick!

There’s nothing better than learning exactly where your food comes from via example! U-Picks offer that chance by giving interested patrons a chance to pick straight from the farm. Certain U-Picks, such as Big Rock Berry Farm – set to reopen in July 2018 – are proud to flaunt their status as a locally operated, family-owned farm and are ready to share their experiences and knowledge with families. You can get a tour of farm operations and expect plenty of acreage to pick some juicy berries, cherries, rhubarb and Saskatoons ready and waiting for you!