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Tri-Region: Bursting at the Seams with Art & Culture

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The Tri-Region is bursting at the seams with art and culture! If you’re interested in taking art classes, showing your work or want to enjoy the amazing talent of local artists, the Tri-Region has a little something for everyone’s interests and taste.

Spend a leisurely afternoon strolling the streets of the historic downtown of Stony Plain or learn something new with an art class at the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove. There’s a ton of stuff to see and do in the Tri-Region when it comes to the arts scene and here are just a few of the options available:

Arts and Culture in the Tri-Region

Historic Downtown Stony Plain

Experience the charm and character of the historic downtown core of Stony Plain, Alberta. Treat yourself and your family to a leisurely stroll on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon exploring Stony Plain’s beautiful downtown.downtown stony plain historic

Where the past meets the present you’re sure to find a good time with unique shopping experiences including boutiques, antiques and everything in between. Grab a coffee and take in the famous murals around Stony Plain’s downtown.

Murals Stony Plain Downtown

Stony Plain is the town with a painted past – quite literally. Step back into the history of the Town of Stony Plain one mural at a time. Jump into the unforgettable stories of the past as you stroll the streets of Stony Plain’s renowned murals and learn a little bit of what it was like to live in the area decades ago. The attraction is always open so there’s no need to book in advance or worry about scheduling times. There’s over 30 historic murals in the downtown area and you can experience them all as you wind through the streets and explore the shops.

Crafters to the Rafters

Albertans love their Farmers’ markets and there’s plenty of those in the Tri-Region area. But what if I were to tell you that there’s a Farmer’s market for local crafters and artisans. You’d be pretty excited and intrigued wouldn’t you?

Crafters to the Rafters Vendor

Crafters to the Rafters is a crafters and local artisan show that’s starting to gain some serious attention in the region. Come enjoy a stroll through the vendors and local crafters and see what might catch your eye or grab your attention.

crafters to the rafters vendor

Discover some uniquely amazing finds such as barnwood and outdoor creations, candles, upcycle creations, and everything in between. There’s a ton of different and unique creations to check out. Make sure you check out their Facebook page for event details or visit their online store to see some of the wonderful Canadian vendors who have attended Crafters to the Rafters events in the past.

Horizon Stage Performing Arts Centre

Theatre has a long and vibrant history in Alberta and if you’ve ever attended Edmonton’s Fringe Festival you’d be hard pressed to disagree. The Horizon Stage Performing Arts Centre helps bring that love of theatre and performance Alberta is so fond of, to the City of Spruce Grove.

Horizon Performing Arts Centre From Stage

Be sure to check out their season schedule to see what’s upcoming at the Horizon Stage Performing Arts Centre. There’s also lots to do with the family if you have little ones running around. There’s family matinee pricing as well as children’s birthday party packages.

Stage view Horizon Performing Arts Centre

The Horizon Stage Performing Arts Centre also has theatre classes for those looking to get out of their shell a little bit or want to brush up on their acting skills. Be sure to check out the events calendar for upcoming classes.

Multicultural Heritage Centre

The Multicultural Heritage Centre is a little gem tucked away deep in Stony Plain’s downtown and there’s lots to be learned.

Multicultural Heritage Centre

The Multicultural Centre Public Art Gallery is one of only seven public art galleries in Alberta and the only one in rural Alberta. Located on the main floor of the Multicultural Heritage Centre, the gallery regularly changes exhibits and promotes local and Alberta artists.

Stony Plain Pie Shoppe Display

The Stony Plain Pie Shoppe is a local favourite and a unique place to eat at the Multicultural Heritage Centre. The Stony Plain Pie Shoppe uses Alberta-sourced ingredients to make delectable savoury hand-held pastries, classic dessert pies, and famous soups.

Parkland Potters’ Guild

Talk about history, the Parkland Potters’ Guild has been around for over 35 years and has called the Tri-Region home for all of them. The collective is over 60 members strong and their gallery has some of the most unique pieces of art and pottery in the country.

Parkland Potters Guild

The Crooked Pot Gallery offers art, sculptures, functional pottery and truly one of a kind pieces. If you’re interested in learning how to make your own pottery you might be in luck.


Parkland Potters’ Guild offers a number of classes that can help you learn a skill or hone your old ones.  Express yourself through the molding of clay and make something functional you can use for years to come.

Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove

Another great spot to take in local arts and culture is the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove. The Arts Council is an institution in the City of Spruce Grove and serves the surrounding area complete with classes, exhibits and artists alike.

Allied Arts Council Spruce Grove

Enhance your artistic side with some of the Allied Arts Council’s classes, where both children and adults can learn a new creative skill. The Allied Arts Council offers classes in an array of mediums from acrylic to watercolour and beyond, so there’s lots to choose from.

The Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove also offers a gorgeous art gallery to check out. The exhibits are consistently rotating which means there’s always something new to see and experience. Check out their blog for more details on what’s being featured.

Spruce Grove Allied Arts Council

There’s always a new artistic adventure awaiting you in the Tri-Region – from unique art classes to leisurely walks through a historic mural-filled downtown. The region is bursting at the seams with art and culture – come enjoy it!