Stony Plain Outdoor Piano

Ways to take in Public Art around the Tri-Region - Archived

If you want to know just how vibrant and engaged a community is, oftentimes the first place to watch tends to be their art scene. The Tri-Region’s love for public art is vibrant and thriving. Here’s a look at some fantastic examples of places in the Tri-Region where you can check out some great public art.

Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove

This culture hub serves a vital role for artists in the Tri-Region – their art classes are a great way to expand one’s artistic abilities. The pièce de résistance, however, is their spectacularly curated art gallery, a judicious mix-up of local talent and artist exhibitions.

Stony Mural Tours

Strolling through Stony Plain’s streets provides quite the time machine. Whether by foot or with as part of the summertime horse & wagon tours, a unique way to experience the town’s past is by examining their murals, each describing one aspect of Stony Plain’s history and people. There’s over 30 murals in the downtown area alone, leaving you with plenty to discover over an afternoon or two.

Stony Plain Outdoor Pianos

Seemingly capable of bringing out everyone’s inner child, there’s nothing more ‘public art’ then being able to sit down at one of these, dotted around pivotal culture spots in Stony Plain and successfully banging out a Billy Joel tune from beginning to end. Or perhaps you’re into some Bach?

Stony Plain Art Walk

Could you imagine a Canada Day celebration in Stony Plain without one of these? Featuring plenty of local artists, this massive exhibition is always a marvel. This is one awesome way to discover local talent while taking a summer stroll with your family!

Crafters to the Rafters

Farmers’ markets are really cool but what would happen if you took the small percentage of artists and artisans at markets and allowed them to take over the entire market? Enter Crafters to the Rafters: an entire market show devoted to great creations by excellent artists/vendors. If you’ve ever wanted to gawk at some great handmade creations, these regularly held shows are the place to be.