Tri Region Culture

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The Tri-Region is full of extraordinary culture and history.  Take a stroll through another era in one of the many museums, shop in beautiful downtowns, and visit one-of-a-kind local artisans.  Enjoy being your own tour guide and make a day of it.  You will be surprised what you can discover in this gorgeous area of Alberta!

Stony Plain Historic Downtown Core

Charm and character ring true in downtown Stony Plain.  This area may look slightly old-fashioned, but don’t let the exterior fool you… Downtown Stony Plain is anything but slow-paced!  Here, past meets present with unique shopping experiences, art galleries, charming restaurants, and Farmers Markets.

Local merchants encourage you to come and discover an alternative yet affordable style of shopping.  Here you will be treated to warm, personal customer service with high-quality, exclusive, and custom designed products.  This area is sure to satisfy anyone’s shopping needs and desires!

Some local shopping experiences include:

– Antique and vintage goods
– Bakeries
– Clothing and accessories
– Local crafts
– Home décor

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Grain Elevator Museum

Built in 1958, the Grain Elevator was in operation until 1995.  It is the last remaining wooden grain elevator on the CN Rail line west of Edmonton.  The Spruce Grove Agricultural Society stepped in prior to the demolition to prevent this landmark from being removed.  The Grain Elevator now operates as a museum, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience or relive times past.

Many people have remarked that they recall going to the elevator to deliver grain with fathers and grandfathers.   Small aircraft pilots have visited the elevator and can remember that flying low to view the elevator was the only way they knew where they were.  Whether you have memories of the grain elevator from when you were young, or have never been inside of one, a visit to the Grain elevator is a must!

Hours of Operation:

– Open from May 1 to September 30
– Visit Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am – 3 pm

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Multicultural Heritage Centre

Located in Stony Plain, the Multicultural Heritage Centre offers a wide range of activities and programs to attract visitors of all ages.  The Centre celebrates the rural values and agricultural heritage of the area.

Features of the Multicultural Heritage Centre:

– Visit the Old Brick School, which was built in 1925 using Scottish architectural designs; this school was Stony Plain’s first regional high school and was in operation until 1949
– Check out the Oppertshauser House, built in 1910 and is unique thanks to the European architectural styles that were incorporated; this house interprets the urban aspect of local heritage
– Learn about early farming practices at the Stony Plain Demonstration Farm – this farm ran from 1911 to 1924, demonstrating new farming techniques; it now runs as an interpretive project, encompassing agricultural diversity and history of the area
– The centre is also a living Museum, where local history and Western Canadian pioneer life is reflected; check out the Centre’s Archives or the Wild Rose Library to view collections of our history

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