Muir Lake

Your 2018 Tri-Region Fishing Guide

Tri Region Tourism Fishing

We’ll let you in on a secret – you can find non-stop adventure in the lakes and rivers in the Tri-Region. There are many bodies of water coursing throughout the area and it’s time you explore them all this summer. With the help of a few fishing guides, we’ll give you the scoop on places for a lazy day out …

Ice Fishing

The Tri-Region: Edmonton’s Ice Fishing Hotspot

Tri Region Tourism Fishing

Ice fishing is all about good times while angling in the winter months, but where are the best spots to ice fish near Edmonton? Bundle up, grab your ice fishing gear, as well as your auger and let’s explore the best places around Edmonton to ice fish… The Best Places Near Edmonton to Ice Fish Ice Fishing at Wabamun Lake …

Sinbad School of Sailing on Lake Wabamun

Get Out on the Water

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The warm weather is here, and many of you will be looking to get outside and trying to cool down close to the water.  We know that there are people who enjoy the water but don’t enjoy swimming.  Here are some ideas to get out on the water without having to get back into last years bathing suit (well, for …

Family camping at Wabamun

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The family wants to go camping this summer. No problem – Mom, you totally got this. The Tri-region has great camping just an hour west of Edmonton – that’s two Spongebob episodes on the tablet. Totally doable. Here’s what you need to know about family camping at Wabamun Provincial Park. Image: Marina at the Village of Wabamun from their Facebook …