Melcor Cultural Centre

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The Melcor Cultural Centre houses The Spruce Grove Public Library and The Spruce Grove Art Gallery and Gift Store. The Spruce Grove Art Gallery is a must see with several feature-artist exhibitions every year. The Allied Arts Council hosts numerous arts competitions each year at the Gallery.

Tri-Region Camping Activities

Camping Experiences in Tri-Region

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You did it! You picked the perfect family camping spot. The facility is spectacular and you’re relaxed in the great outdoors – all that remains is to find the perfect family activities to keep you smiling all trip long. We know it isn’t always easy to find activities the whole family will love. We understand, and we’re here to help. …

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Make February 29 an Extra Family Day

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It only comes around once every 4 years so we might as well take advantage of it. This year is a leap year which means we get an extra day at the end of February – that’s right February has 29 days this year. It’s always nice to get to spend extra time with your family and friends, so let’s …

Spruce Grove Tourism

Spruce Grove Tourism Excite your senses with all that Spruce Grove has to offer—a vibrant, dynamic city just minutes from Edmonton. The City is your new destination for the best of events across the worlds of sport, theatre, music and visual arts, coming to life as a four-season stage for high caliber events at the provincial, national and international level. ...

Art happenings in the Tri-region

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Hand-thrown pottery and intricate woodcarvings, local photography and lots of travelling bands – a busy local art scene is happening just a few minutes west of Edmonton. Here are four places to appreciate art in the Tri-region. Image: a featured painting by one of their members from the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove on Facebook. Wildlife carvings at the MHC Scales, Fur and …