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Explore Tri Region’s magnificent scenery from a fresh angle while tubing down a meandering river. Find a unique nook to set your line and spend the day fishing. Tri Region has many lakes, rivers and streams waiting for you to discover. Paintballing, horseback riding and hiking offer adventure seekers a unique getaway so close to the city.

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Just minutes west of Edmonton, the Tri Region is the perfect weekend escape. Create a different kind of day trip, be your own tour guide, discover culture firsthand and examine the area at your own pace. Enjoy unique adventures and authentic experiences, embrace and immerse yourself in the local people and remind yourself what the meaning of life really is.
Step out of ordinary.


Step out and take a break in a beautiful setting with so much to unearth. Immerse yourself in extraordinary culture with quaint country stores, historical mural tours, one-of-a-kind artisans, farmer’s markets, distinct events, friendly festivals and down-to-earth culture and hospitality.